Pitching Regulations

slideshow_59aThe pitch count is based on pitches thrown for strikes, balls, foul balls, and outs. Warm-up pitches, pick-off attempts, and ‘no pitch’ calls by the umpire do not count towards the pitch count.

The maximum number of pitches is based on the level of play. Specific rest periods are in place when a pitcher reaches specific thresholds of pitches delivered in a day.

DivisionMax. Per DayPitch CountDays RestPitch CountDays RestPitch CountDays RestPitch CountDays Rest
  • Exception #1: A pitcher reaching the maximum daily pitch count limit in the middle of an at bat is allowed to finish that batter without penalty.
  • Exception #2: A pitcher reaching a day(s) of rest threshold in the middle of an at bat is allowed to finish that batter. The pitcher will only be required to observe the calendar day(s) of rest for the threshold he/she reached during that at-bat, providing that pitcher is removed before delivering a pitch to another batter.

At all levels of play, in a double-header league contest, a pitcher may pitch in 2 games in the same day, provided they do not pitch more than 20 pitches (Midgets/Juniors) or 30 pitches (Seniors) in the first game.

Intentional Walks: Intentional walks should be verbally communicated to the batter and umpire and no pitches should be thrown.

Tournaments: Pitch counts for weekend Invitational tournaments are not tracked by Westside Youth Baseball and therefore do not impact pitching during league play.

Monitoring Process:

Each team’s scorekeeper or designated official tracks the pitch counts. After each half inning, the scorekeepers confer with each other. If there is a conflict, home book’s count becomes official. It is the head coach’s responsibility to know when his/her pitcher needs to be removed. Pitch counts should be reported along with game results.

Days of Rest: 1 calendar day equals 1 day of rest.

  • Example: if a Senior pitcher pitches more than 66 pitches on Tuesday, he may not pitch again until Saturday.
  • Example: if a Midget or Junior pitcher pitches 48 pitches on Monday, he may not pitch again until Thursday.
  • Example: if any division pitcher pitches 30 pitches on Tuesday, he may not pitch again until Thursday.

Violation of this rule:

The team in violation forfeits the game in which the violation occurred. The head coach is suspended for 1 game.