slideshow_37aDistrict tournaments will take place for each division/level. Teams qualify for Districts based on their record during season play. Teams at .500 or better will make it into the District Tournament. Play-In games will be held, if necessary, the week prior to the Tournament. The Tournament is an 8-Team, Double-Elimination format.

District tournament winners will earn a berth into the JBO State Championship Tournament. The number of teams that qualify for State at each level is shown in the table below.

2016 District Tournament Results

2017 District Tournament Dates (subject to change):

Division/LevelDatesHostBrackets & ResultsTeams
Heading to State
Midget National7/6/17-7/9/17VernoniaMN District Bracket & Results1st: Sherwood Bailey
2nd: Yamhill Carlton Hurley
3rd: Westview Iliff
4th: Sherwood Kelton
Midget American7/6/17-7/9/17SherwoodMA District Bracket & Results1st: Banks Gilbert
2nd: Sherwood Hammack
3rd: Westview Legler
4th: Forest Grove Vandehey
Midget Federal7/6/17-7/9/17GlencoeMF District Bracket & Results1st: Sherwood Elliott
2nd: Westview Gardner
3rd: McMinnville Schoof
Junior National7/7/17-7/9/17SherwoodJN District Bracket & Results1st: Sherwood Randall
2nd: Glencoe Elmer
3rd: McMinnville Radke
4th: Sherwood Thomas
Junior American7/13/17-7/16/17GlencoeJA Bracket & Results1st: Sherwood Wilson
2nd: Banks Wormington
3rd: McMinnville Burke
4th: Seaside Schulte
Junior Federal7/13/17-7/16/17Forest GroveJF Bracket & Results1st: McMinnville Saltmarsh
2nd: Westview Ellerbrook
3rd: Glencoe Young
Senior National7/13/17-7/16/17NewbergSN District Bracket & Results1st: Neah-Kah-Nie
2nd: Lincoln Richardson
3rd: Gaston Wilhelm
4th: Liberty Dunk
Senior American7/13/17-7/16/17WilsonSA District Bracket & Results1st: Banks Bunn
2nd: Liberty Bickford
3rd: Reedville Boehler
4th: Lincoln Paratore
Senior Federal7/20/17-7/23/17WilsonSF District Bracket & Results1st: Glencoe Peterson
2nd: Southridge Peterson
3rd: Sunset Raagas